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No! The patch is not a spot treatment and can be placed anywhere on your skin that is comfortable for you. Make sure you do not place it over a tattoo, somewhere hairy, or on sensitive skin. But the closer to the pain point the faster the relief.

People sometimes feel this way due to some carrier oils used in tinctures, make sure you eat before taking oil- You may be sensitive to the coconut oil or carrier oil.

If Full-Spectrum it’s fully possible to test positive. Our patches are made from isolate, so it shouldn’t, but always check with your medical practitioner if this is concern.

While there’s scant research on the use of CBD oil during pregnancy, experts say to avoid it.

Typically CBD is shown as ‘working’ per symptomatic relief. It will not cure your ailments, merely treat symptoms- nausea, pain, anxiety, depression, etc. Compare yourself prior to taking it, and after. You should have relief from what you’re looking to address.

There have been very few disadvantages including skin irritation for some people, certain skin pigmentation can cause low delivery

Due to CB1/CB2 cluster sizes, everyone experiences CBD slightly differently. If you’re expecting something like a THC high, or even alcohol inebriation- you’re not thinking about it right. Ideally, you will feel almost perfectly normal, just without the given symptom you’re looking to address. E.g. Pain > No Pain.